A post-capitalistic future

Encouraging you to implement a democratic act to every day of your life so you feel empowered and take responsibility even in difficult challenges that politicians would normally do „for you“ (at least that’s what you hope). Since there is no public accountability for politicians it’s time to make yourself accountable for the world’s problems; within your family, your neighborhood, community and among your international friends. Spend 20 minutes every day for a cause that you find most important to contribute to.

Living an alternative to capitalism

Through the encouragement of people and awareness of your own power you are able to see that the ruling system of capitalism (neo-liberalism) can be overcome because of its inherent evil nature. Not through socialism or any other form that existed before but through an economy for the common good where you are in charge of your life and business, and give back a fair amount to the commons. The goal is to provide an alternative to capitalism.

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