A new democratic project

This is your democracy sandbox. You can come up with all kinds of crazy ideas as long as the execution doesn’t serve your pocket only and is not (only) a hobby of yours. This new democratic project you’re about to start is serving society for the benefit of everyone to have a good life.

Here’s an idea from a Roman philosopher of what to think of when the goal is to provide a good life for everyone:

The best and the greatest number of authors have asserted that philosophy consists of three parts: the moral, the natural, and the rational. The first puts soul in order. The second thoroughly examines the natural order of things. The third inquires into the proper meaning of words, and their arrangement and proofs which keep falsehoods from creeping in to displace truth. (Seneca, Moral letters, 89.9)

Quote: The Daily Stoic (p. 319) by Ryan Holiday

If you’re feeling inspired by those words, send me your idea in the format of 140 characters, yes I mean that you should send me your idea via Twitter (publicly) because if the idea is serving the general public then you can write it in public anyway.

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